Differences between payday loans and cash advance loans


We know that cash advance loans have existed for a long time. Cash advance loans are also known as fast cash and payday loans because they only require simple qualifications and can be quickly turned over, so they are popular. Cash advance loan is one of the categories of personal unsecured loans. There are many real enterprises providing such loans because they are costly short-term loans. In today's society, loans, payments, and some related information can be processed electronically. Cash advances can also be operated via the Internet.

The conditions for applying for these loans are simple, and only the following conditions need to be met:

1. The applicant must have a job of his own. No matter how much your salary is, the amount of loans you can apply for is linked to your minimum income. According to past experience, the minimum amount is about 1000 dollars per month.

2. You need to have a checking account with a good reputation for direct deposit and other operations. It is worth mentioning that these loans do not require credit checks.

Why is this short-term loan so expensive, or someone willing to borrow? In fact, for those who have no choice, it is an excellent way to relieve financial pressure. It is almost impossible for you to borrow money from banks or some formal financial institutions. But the cash advance lender does not need to check your credit problems. Or if you need a sum of money in urgent need, these lenders can help you raise cash within 24-48 hours to meet any of your purposes.

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Let's take a more detailed example. For example, you have a critical bill to pay, but you don't have enough money at this time. If you don't pay or are overdue, it may trigger higher interest and affect your credit problems. Then you can use cash advance loans to solve these problems. We often say that the cost efficiency is high. For example, the loan cost usually generates five times or more of the annual interest rate. However, these yearly high-interest rates will not work if we can get returns quickly in the short term. For example, if you borrow $200 each time, others will charge you $40-80. This may help you save some money in the future, compared with the impact on your credit.

According to the above introduction, the disadvantage of cash advance payment is also apparent. That is, it is very insecure for the lender because it will not check the borrower's reputation. Therefore, whether the borrowed money can be recovered and whether the expected profits can be achieved is unknown. So this is why loans usually have a specific limit, generally within 1500 dollars, and the loan term is typically limited to two to three weeks.

When comparing cash advance loans, try to find a lower handling fee. The good news is that the longer you loan, the lower the interest rate. As with other loans, you must know these things well in advance. Remember that cash advance loans can play a lot of valuable roles if used properly. So you must control your desire and not always want to use this cash advance loan to solve any problem.

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