You should know to avoid at least these points when speculating in stocks.


Many people are eager to learn various speculation techniques as soon as they get in touch with the stock market, hoping to make money quickly. However, it is important to know that the most important thing for both novice and experienced investors is to be able to avoid losing money. Therefore, before learning stock trading techniques, you should know these points to avoid losing money in stock trading.


First of all, speculators cannot blindly plunge to the bottom. Some people like to plunge into the bottom, and the result of the more the bottom the lower, where the bottom the end, the bottom the people must not say clearly if you can say it is not called plunging bottom and called the bottom of the buy. Investors also want to avoid operating investments throughout the year, speculation is the most important thing to judge the stock market trends. If the stock market has a rising trend, then you can actively make a big one, if you find that the momentum of the stock market tends to be weak, you need to take a short rest for a while. Some investors do not do so, they do not care what trend the stock market is, they keep operating, and in doing so, will not only labour without success but also encounter more risk as a result. Investors in the stock market, to learn to judge the situation, according to the trend changes, and rest at the right time, to be able to accurately in the stock market to grasp, should participate in the opportunity.


The stock market is the land of thousands of changes, its rise and fall are often unexpected, especially sometimes contrary to market expectations, more elusive. In the stock market, there is a mainstream trading strategy called chasing the rise and fall, this strategy allows many investors to benefit a lot but also lets some investors lose a lot of money. The same investment strategy results in a wide range of different, the main reason is that the investor in giving trading orders is sensible or blind.


Indecisiveness is something that must be eliminated by stock speculators. Whether buying or selling, once you make a decision you should implement it as soon as possible so as not to miss a good opportunity. This is mainly reflected in the selling of stocks, many investors already know that they hold the stock has no upside, but still hesitant, have illusions, and do not sell in time, the result is more and more losses. Most stockholders like to operate with a full position to make the most of their funds. The biggest hazard of doing this is that they are not comfortable going in and out, and only when they find a great stock do they realize that their account is out of cash. After a stock is trapped, some people habitually add positions at the bottom to amortize the cost. Adding positions at the bottom is a very bad habit, since the stock is down, it must be a problem with this stock, and the result of adding positions again is often set deeper.