Critical illness insurance: How to choose?


As we all know, patients suffering from major diseases such as lung cancer will face great tests both physically and mentally. At this time, the family will suddenly lose a labor force and the income will drop sharply. How can the quality of life of the family be guaranteed?


Considering the loss of income during the treatment period; nutrition and nursing expenses during the rehabilitation and conditioning phase; household debts such as mortgages and car loans; fixed expenses for the normal life of the family, etc. in addition to the cost of treatment, critical illness insurance can be a very good choice in case of emergency.



Critical illness insurance is the most complex of the four major insurance types. It is classified into saving type, consuming type, single compensation, multiple compensation, and some other types.


It has always been important to have a critical illness insurance. But do you know how can you possibly choose a critical illness insurance that is right for you?


1. Configure as needed, the more insured the more preferred.


Every protection function in the insurance is marked with a price before listing.


If you want everything that has been listed, the premium price will overburden you.


Under the circumstance of a controlled budget, priority should be given to ensuring sufficient insurance coverage, reducing the number of years and additional functions.


If you have a sufficient budget, you can choose a lifetime savings-type critical illness insurance, because from a long-term perspective, it not only protects against illness, but also protects against death, and the family will definitely receive a compensation in the end.


If the budget is not sufficient, you can choose consumption-type critical illness insurance to increase the amount of insurance paid for the first time.



2. Choose cost-effective products.


As a rational consumer, cost performance should be our first consideration.


Generally speaking, online insurance products are much more cost-effective than offline products, because online sales can save a lot of costs for insurance companies comparing to offline ones.


But most people still prefer to insure offline.  In fact, no matter online or offline, it is just the different sales channels of insurance companies, they are the same in essence.


What is more, due to the contemporary technological advancement, insurance companies are paying great attention to the development of Internet insurance, and we may as well follow the trend.



3. Check whether you meet the conditions and the statement of health.


When you choose an insurance product, the insurance is also choosing you to a certain extent. For cost-effective products, statements of health are often stricter.


Insurance companies will usually select very healthy groups to contract for them. It is quite obvious that, in this way, the risk of claim settlement is small, and the cost is low, so the premium can be at a lower price.


Therefore, for people who are very healthy, to some extent, choosing a product with stricter health notices for insurance is also choosing a cost-effective product.