Do you really know accident insurance?


As the simplest insurance among the four major types of insurance, accident insurance mainly protects accidental injury resulting in death or disability.

Many people may think that accident insurance purchase strategy is unnecessary, anyway, the coverage is simple, and the premium is cheap.

But it is not that once you have bought accident insurance, you can get compensation for any accident. The fact is that you need to meet certain conditions to get indemnity.

In addition, accident insurance is classified into short-term accident insurance, long-term accident insurance, and return-type accident insurance. Which one to buy requires much consideration.



What is accident insurance?


Accident insurance generally only covers death, total disability, disability, medical expenses, etc. caused by accidents. The content of accident insurance is relatively simple to inform when applying for insurance, but the accident here has a clear definition in insurance, which is different from the generalized "accident" we usually describe.

In the insurance terms, accidental injury refers to the direct physical injury caused by external, sudden, unintended, and non-disease objective events. It should be noted that only if these four conditions are met at the same time can the "accident" as defined by the insurance clause be met.


What does accident insurance not pay?

Objective events that are “external, sudden, unintended, and non-disease” as the definition of accident, it is to be noted some events we assume accidental are not covered by accident insurance.

In general, common exceptions for accident insurance include cause exceptions and period exceptions.

For example, the period of doing high-risk sports is not covered, and the rest of the time is covered; this is an exception for the period. For another example, accidents caused by diseases are not covered, and other situations that meet the four conditions of accidents are covered; this is an exception for the cause.


How to get the right accident insurance?

When it comes to accident insurance, high leverage is its label. At the same time, accident insurance can also pay proportionally according to the level of disability.

As the mainstay of the family's economy, adults should buy accident insurance as high as possible. If there is a sufficient budget, it can be superimposed.

For children, the state will impose certain restrictions on the amount of insurance. Therefore, there is no need getting a child an excessive insured amount, for in case of accidental death, the compensation may not reach the insurance policy due to state restrictions. But there is no limit to the accidental disability for children here. 

In the same way, for the elderly who have almost no family responsibilities as the children, an amount reaching the restriction is enough.

In most cases, minor injuries caused by accidents are more common, so accident medical treatment is more often used.


Accident insurance may seem simple, but you must carefully read the insurance contract when purchasing.

Accident insurance is mainly aimed at compensation for disability. In fact, there is no single type of insurance that can protect all.

In order to get comprehensive protection, it is still necessary to carry out scientific configuration, critical illness insurance, medical insurance, term life insurance and accident insurance, and reasonably insure according to needs.