What does insurance mean for women?


A woman faces multiple life risks throughout her life, whether physiologically or psychologically. Women, to a large extent, need to feel secured from various aspect. Insurance for sure can provide women with solid protection and care.

What are the risks that women may encounter? 

1. Health risks:

The physiological structure women have is inherently unique and complex. Comparing to men, women are at higher risk of encountering certain diseases. At the same time, most women may not be able to escape fertility risks. During pregnancy and childbirth, and throughout the parenting period, there are a lot of physical and psychological burdens and health risks that women must bear and take.

2. Accidental risk:

In addition to the ordinary accidental risks, women are at a higher risk of accidental injury because of their inherent physical disadvantage, especially for women who often travel alone or live alone. For example, more and more women drive to work, hence the rising coefficient on traffic accident risk. In addition, some illegal acts specifically targeted at women, such as accidents during car hailing on the Internet and public murders on the street. Unfortunately, these horrifying accidents


are not uncommon.

3. Pension risk:

The average life expectancy of women is 4-5 years longer than that of men. Regardless of whether they are married or not, there is a high probability that they will face the risk of living alone in their old age with the worst physical fitness. In addition, women retire earlier and have a relatively short time to make money, that is why women absolutely need to plan and prepare for retirement in advance.

4. Economic risks:

Affected by the traditional social division of labor, the unemployment rate of women is generally higher than that of men under the same conditions, while the number of men employed in high-income industries is generally higher than that of women under the same conditions. Many women even give up their jobs for the sake of taking care of their families. Therefore, overall, women are


also facing greater occupational and economic risks.

In fact, no matter men or women, everyone should be well aware and fully prepared for their own accident protection, especially women whose physiological functions appear more vulnerable.

Getting insurance is a good choice. However, do pay special attention to several items when purchasing accident insurance:

1. We must carefully read the insurance clauses. Accident insurance has strict regulations on accidents. In fact, insurance accidents are quite different from whatever we assume unexpected in daily life. On the contrary, the definition of accidental injury insurance claim is quite clear and strict. Accidents refer to unintentional, external, and accidental hazards. These three conditions are indispensable.

2. It is recommended to inform the insurance company when there is any change in work, since for accident insurance, the occupation of the insured is the most concerned and considered by the insurance company. For example, there will usually be changes on requirements for accident insurance when changing from ordinary occupations to high-risk occupations.

3. Generally speaking, even if you already have social security, you still need to get an accident insurance. Social security is merely the most basic guarantee, while commercial insurance functions as a sounder and more comprehensive guarantee.