What you may not know about medical insurance


Medical insurances are also said to be expense insurance, which refers to insurance that provides coverage for medical expenses.

The role of medical insurance is to reimburse the corresponding medical expenses when the insured incurs medical expenses.

Therefore, medical insurance is a reimbursement insurance. As for how much you can reimburse, it depends on which kind you get.

First of all, we need to know what medical insurance is.


Medicare, also known as social medical insurance, is a national welfare, and the basic principle is "low standard, wide coverage”. 

For the most basic medical security provided by the state to every citizen, it necessities only a compulsory payment.

What are the advantages of Medicare over commercial medical insurance:

1. It can be insured with illness.

Anyone who has bought commercial medical insurance may know that commercial medical insurance requires health notification when applying for insurance, and some commercial medical insurance restricts the insured from suffering from specific diseases.

However, as a basic medical benefit given to the people by the state, medical insurance will not reject you because of your past medical history, and you can apply for insurance while you are sick.

2. It has guaranteed renewal. 

Most of the commercial medical insurance needs to be renewed every specific number of years, and there is no guarantee of renewal. 

Medicare is the only health insurance that guarantees renewal. 

It is long-term effective for you to enjoy a lifetime.


What are the disadvantages of Medicare compared to commercial medical insurance:

1. It is of lower coverage.

Medicare is a welfare policy. For citizens, it can only meet the daily basic medical needs, but it is not enough to cover the main risks of the family, such as serious illness risks and accident risks. 

2. The reimbursement amount is low.

Generally, the treatment of serious illness adopts the form of advance payment and reimbursement later, and the maximum amount of reimbursement is limited at the same time.

Various medicines are not covered by social medical insurance and cannot be reimbursed, so we need to pay for them at our own expense. 

3. Medical treatment restrictions

In some areas, medical insurance reimbursement needs to go to a designated hospital, which limits medical resources and may not be able to enjoy better medical treatment to a certain extent. 

4. Medicine and cost restrictions 

When we go to the hospital for medical treatment, many medicines are not covered by social security, so this part is self-paid medicine and cannot be reimbursed.



So, you may wonder, what is commercial medical insurance? 

Commercial medical insurance actually appeared as a supplement to medical insurance to more comprehensively protect our lives. 

The mainstream medical insurance products on the market are divided into 4 categories: 

Inpatient medical care, million medical care, mid-end medical care, high-end medical care 

1. Hospitalization insurance 

As the name suggests, only in-hospital expenses can be reimbursed, while medical expenses incurred in outpatient clinics cannot be reimbursed.

2. HDHL medical insurance

On the basis of inpatient medical treatment, the reimbursement amount for hospitalization will be upgraded. At the same time, it can expand outpatient expenses for the first 7 days and 30 days after hospitalization, as well as some special outpatient expenses such as cancer radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


It is a powerful weapon to protect the risk of major diseases with a small and broad scope. 

3. Mid-end medical care 

Based on HDHL medical treatment, it is no longer limited to special outpatient expenses. That means usual colds and fevers can also be reimbursed, even hospitalized in case getting serious. 

It basically solves the vast majority of medical expenses. 

4. High-end medical care 

It is the highest quality medical treatment that can achieve unlimited reimbursement. However, the price is relatively high.



Medical risk is an objective fact that everyone will encounter in their lifetime and will happen 100% of the time. Faced with such risks, medical insurance can play a very good role in prevention. 

But in the event of a serious illness, the coverage of Medicare is not enough to meet our needs. Therefore, we usually configure the corresponding commercial medical insurance while paying social security to make our own protection more comprehensive.