Attention! Some Misunderstandings About Fixed Investment of Funds


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The proper measure of assets is progressively preferred by financial backers. This venture strategy can average expenses and spread chances, yet additionally is like "zero store and single amount withdrawal" reserve funds. In any case, the proper speculation is another business all things considered, which necessities to keep away from numerous misconceptions.

Any asset is reasonable for fixed venture

Albeit fixed speculation can average expenses and control gambles, not all assets are reasonable for it. The pay of security reserves is for the most part steady, and the hole between fixed venture and once speculation impact isn't excessively huge, while the instability of stock assets is enormous, so fixed speculation is more reasonable for adjusting expenses and dangers.

Fixed speculation must be long haul venture

Albeit standard and fixed speculation reserves are advantageous for risk control, they ought to be wary whether they are one-time venture or fixed venture when the future market isn't hopeful. For the asset fixed growth strategy that has been taken care of, risk aversion can likewise be thought of. Assuming the first arrangement is to contribute for quite a long time, and the market prospect weakens following 2 years of derivation, you can think about taking benefits first, rather than trusting that the arrangement will lapse.

The allowance date can be quickly

Albeit the decent month to month derivation is taken on for fixed speculation, there are a few reasons There are just 28 days in a month, so to guarantee the derivation at a proper time consistently, the derivation date must be from the first to the 28th of every month; furthermore, in the event of occasions, the derivation date will be consequently delayed. Assuming it is concurred that the derivation date will be July 8, however assuming the eighth day of the following month is Sunday, the allowance date will be naturally deferred to the ninth day.

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Venture must be made on a decent month to month premise

As a rule, fixed venture must be made consistently, however there are likewise reserve organizations that specify that proper speculation can be made on a month to month, every other month or quarterly premise. As of now, the wages of most units are by and large separated into month to month fixed wages and quarterly honors. Assuming that the month to month compensation is just enough for day to day use, the quarterly reward can be contributed, which is reasonable for quarterly speculation. Assuming the month to month pay is moderately agreeable, or youngsters need to compel themselves to set aside cash, they can contribute month to month.

Fixed investment amount can be changed directly

According to the regulations, after signing the fixed investment agreement, it is agreed that the fixed investment amount cannot be directly modified during the investment period.


The above are some common mistakes we have summarized for you in the field of fund fixed investment. I hope they can help you in the actual investment process. We wish you a good return on your fund investment.

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