Do you know about several types of gold investment products?


Paper gold investment is a kind of investment with banks, where the investor will make a continuous market quotation with the bank, and the investor will trade with the bank according to the quotation in full, non-leveraged and two-way financial products. The investment risk of paper gold is not high and is usually influenced by two main factors, the first is the change of international gold price and the second is the risk from the bank.

Then as investors, many people do not understand how they should trade paper gold. Paper gold trading is divided into two main types of trading: 1. Buy first and sell later 2. The difference between these two types of trading is that if an investor chooses to sell first and buy later, a certain amount of margin is required. However, unlike investing in physical gold, paper gold trading in banks is not subject to commission. However, banks will charge a certain amount of trading spread based on the spread between buying and selling at the same point in time, the lower the spread, the lower the commission. When you choose paper gold products for investment, you can mainly choose 1-10 grams of products for investment. The trading hours are generally from about 7:00 am on Monday to about 4:00 am on Saturday, but of course not all banks are at this time, and some banks will adjust their trading hours due to some factors.


Gold futures are characterized by two-way trading, and although the returns are high, they are also associated with high risk, making them more suitable for investors to trade in the short term. Investors need to understand the adjustment of the settlement parameters of gold futures and trade according to the monthly updated settlement parameters, paying attention to the capital and cost of individual investment, as well as calculating the margin and commission of the transaction.

If you want to trade with a manageable risk of loss and a high return, then you can also choose to invest in gold options. Gold options trading requires investors to fulfill futures contracts and focus on call options and put options. For example, to open an options account, an individual opening an options account also needs to provide a relevant information, such as personal background, asset profile and past trading history and other content.

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The above content introduces the trading content and precautions of paper gold, gold futures and gold options respectively. No matter what way of gold investment, the risk is less compared to other investments, but there is also a certain risk. Therefore, before choosing to invest in gold, investors must fully understand the investment process, risks and trading methods of each gold product so that they can minimize the investment risks due to artificial causes. After reading this article, all investors must have a new knowledge about gold products and investment, and I hope this knowledge can help you gain investment income.

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