Statement of Health: Q &A


Statement of Health: Q A


1. What should I do if I find out that I have not informed the true health conditions after applying for insurance?

No need to worry. This is a very common situation. According to the formal process, we can contact the agent to make a "supplementary statement”.

If the uninformed is a common cold and fever, supplemental notification will not affect coverage.

However, if it is a disease such as nodules, high blood pressure, etc., after supplementary statement, the insured may be excluded, increased fees, or even canceled the contract.

But there is no other way, truthful notification is the premise for a smooth claim settlement, so as to avoid continuous disputes in the future.


2. Do I need to go for a medical examination before applying for insurance?

In order to avoid claims disputes in the future, many people would like to have a medical examination before getting insurance to prove their “innocence”.

It is an understandable practice, but it is not suggested.

We only need to make statement on our health based on known conditions, and we don’t need to prove our health through medical examinations at all. Everyone's body is inevitably a little faulty, and the physical examination will increase the difficulty of insurance and create extra branches.



3. How can I know my health conditions?

Prepare medical records in advance. Statement of health involves a lot of medical terms. We are no doctors after all, so it is difficult to remember all our medical history.

Therefore, before filling out the statement of health, it is best to prepare our own medical records and examination reports so that we can check them by ourselves.

More importantly, when the insurance company settles claims, it will judge whether it has been truthfully informed based on our medical records.

Claims can be settled smoothly only if there is no problem with the health statement. Therefore, we usually keep the medical records and pay attention to the accuracy of the medical record information.


4. What should I do if I do not meet the requirements on statement of health?

Modern people are usually under a lot of work pressure. As long as they go to a physical examination, some health abnormalities will be found more or less. Although doctors say it is not a big problem, it may not be possible so when it comes to a statement of health.

If we buy insurance online, many products will have an AI smart underwriting function. We can click in to answer a few questions and will soon know whether we are qualified of applying for certain insurance.

However, the intelligent underwriting is a fairly new function that has only appeared in recent years, and it cannot completely replace manual underwriting for the time being. Some more complex diseases still need to be reviewed by an underwriter.

In fact, the review standards of different insurance companies are not quite the same. If you are worried about being denied insurance, you can apply for underwriting from multiple insurance companies at the same time, and then choose the one you are most satisfied with.